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Many of us put great concern and effort into keeping the outside of our bodies clean with baths or showers but neglect to consider the inside.  Fasting is one of the simplest strategies to cleanse the inside of your body.  Fasting is like running the self cleaning mode on your oven or the defrost on your refrigerator.  The cleansing effect is built into your body but can be a little uncomfortable if you haven’t run it in awhile. There are many amazing benefits of fasting, but I would like to focus on detoxification and Ketones production.

The art of fasting is an ancient tradition practiced for thousands of years.  People cured illness of all kinds, rejuvenated, cleansed and strengthened the bodies by fasting. Have you noticed that when you are sick you loose appetite? While fasting, our energy goes towards healing our bodies instead of digesting food but it goes deeper than that.  Our reserves of glycogen in the liver will be depleted after 24 hours of fasting.  This will force our body to look elsewhere for energy. At that time, fat cells will be burned. Ketones will start being produced by the mitochondria of the liver to feed the central nervous system.  Ketones are another type of fuel while glucose is the main fuel source for our bodies.  Unfortunately, Ketones are a harder energy source since our bodies are required to be in either a starvation mode or at least be in a state of very low carbohydrates. By fasting, our bodies can produce Ketones, which are used as the source of energy producing less carbon dioxide and less free radicals.  Therefore, Ketones are less toxic to our body!  

I would like to add one more method of detoxification, an enema but not just your normal enema.  I found a unique way to cleanse our bodies.  Charlotte Garson points out in her book, “The Gerson Therapy” that “Enemas made from drip-grinned boiled coffee have prove themselves as advantageous means of restoring the liver. The natural caffeine in coffee administered as a enema definitely detoxifies.”  It was new concept for me to know about relationship between coffee enemas and liver detoxification but essentially the caffeine hyper drives the liver and kidneys. With the increase of toxins in our environment it might be something to look at more seriously.  Let’s be wise and be healthy by eating organic foods and by fasting this year!  (We recommend you consult your physician or health specialist before doing so.)

Here are some benefits of fasting

          and many more….

The Power of fasting

Regenerate our own stem cells

and strengthen immune system


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I am sure you have heard about Alkaline diet but what exactly is it?  Alkaline diet focuses on maintaining optimal body pH by limiting acid-inducing foods and drinks.  The theory is that a high acid diet leads to poor health and disease.  Optimally our blood needs to remain slightly alkaline to sustain human life according to many researches.  Normal and healthy blood pH is between 7.35 and 7.45.   Every substance has a pH that falls on a scale from zero to 14.  For example,  water has a pH of seven and is neither acidic nor alkaline. The closer to zero, the more acidic a substance, seven is neutral, and as a substance climbs toward 14, the more alkaline it is.

In order to maintain our optimal blood pH level, our body is working hard to maintain this pH level through respiration, urination, and mineral depletion.  

Our body is amazing and wonderfully made.  Over eating and processed foods forces your blood to be highly acidic constantly.  You deplete your minerals because your body dump minerals into the blood to keep the pH balance optimal.  If the mineral content of the food is low which comes from organic sources then your body is going to struggle to keep the pH balance.  When minerals are absent in the food our body steals them from bones to neutralize the blood. Ouch!  

Tragically, our fruits and vegetables don’t have the mineral content they once had due to the way they are grown. They are routinely sprayed with such a broad selection of chemicals in modern farming methods.  Do you put “Roundup” on your salad?   No one does that but that is what they are doing. Sometime they spray Roundup on things like oats at harvest just for the drying effect not for weeds?  Not only are those chemicals toxic for our body but they deplete vitamins and minerals from foods. This is why our family eats organic vegetables and fruits. We also take a lot of supplements daily.  Let’s stay healthy by eating more organic and alkaline foods. Stay away from acidic foods, most of those are processed food.  Eat more from the earth (organic foods) and stay away from box food, sodas, fast food, GMO and non organic. Learn to listen to you body.  We feel much more energetic and healthier when we stay in a healthy organic, alkaline diet. Our body knows the difference!

Just one more tip.. I would NOT drink alkalinized water WITH my meals.  I drink alkalinized water between meals as they hydrate my body well.   Our stomach’s pH is very acidic when we are healthy.  Being super acidic, our stomach is ready to digest foods.  By drinking alkalized water with meals, we are upsetting pH balance of  our stomach.

 Why Alkaline Diet?

PH balance is important to staying healthy.

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