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Detox, Detox and Detox

Rebuild immune system & restore our health

Are you living in a toxic body?

Have you ever heard of Chelation therapy for heavy metal poisoning such as lead, mercury, copper, iron, arsenic, aluminum, and calcium? Chelation means "to grab" or "to bind."

I had dental silver fillings in my mouth. These fillings are made with mercury, silver, tin, lead and copper, which contain about 50% mercury!!!

Arsenic, lead and mercury are POISONS in our body. Other metals such as iron and copper which are essential to human function can become toxic if they accumulate in large amounts.

People with very high levels of these heavy metals are treated with Chelation therapy, basically removing toxins from the body. According to report, EDTA Chelation has been the standard for toxic heavy metal detoxification for over 60 years. On FDA list, EDTA is generally regarded as safe(GRAS).

EDTA is a synthetic amino acid that needs to remain whole to be effective. When taken by mouth, about 95% of the EDTA will be destroyed by the stomach acids.  Getting EDTA via an IV is effective but it is very time consuming and expensive. But with EDTA suppositories, it is safe, convenient, effective and costs less.

If you looking for an effective and safe chelation method for heavy metals, give EDTA a try with no strange or uncomfortable side effects.

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