Best Little Hen House
Add-on Features

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     The door slides up and down with a rope tie off.   An optional automatic door is in the works so you don't forget to let the hens out in the morning and keep predators out at night. 


     These windows close for protection against storms and winter weather. The hearts shapes are covered with Lexan.  Ventilation:  Comes up from the center aisle, the end windows and the eaves. 


     The roost bar is 6' long and as you can see in the photo the hens prefer to sleep like sardines four hens in less than 2' of bar space.  When using the optional mini brooder partition the roost bar is only 4' long limiting it to max. of 8 hens.


Access to eggs is safe and easy as the lift assist arm takes the load off and dampens the speed coming down to add protection for children and chickens.



Model 4360 - Best Little Hen House, 4'-3" wide x 6' with 5 laying bins, without the features in the optional Add-on Features section below.

Price: $1595 reg.  SALE $1295

Optional add-on features are additional. Please see below to calculate options you wish to add.

Model 4360 - Fully loaded, 4'-3" wide x 6' with 5 laying bins, poop tray, mini brooder, built- in feeder, running boards and painting.

Price: $2099 reg.    SALE  $1749


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     A trap door in the upper henhouse keeps chicks warm and safe until big enough to move to the lower level.  It also serves for keeping the heat in during the winter months with additional plywood installed over the upper screen area.


     The Henhouse comes with 5 bins.  All bins provide for 14" width x 12' deep (large size).  Double stacking bins is an option but the number of bins for each chicken is not necessary as most of the time we find four eggs in one bin; they take turns.



Moving the house is made easy by sliding the 2x4 provided through the handles and lifting with 2 people.  


Model 4360 - 4'-3" wide x 6' long base, 6'-1" high, 7 bins on lower level, ramp in center.

Total min. width for getting through gates: 61", (with both access doors up).

Capacity:  Seats 8-12 laying hens

Materials:  Treated lumber is used for the structural members in contact with poop and the ground.  It can be pressure washed  periodically with no worry of rot.  

The plywood is exterior grade CDX and has a rough grain finish.  Bins and rafters that chickens come in direct contact with are untreated lumber but will not degrade with moisture.  

Wire is 1/2"x 1/2" mesh not chicken wire.

The roofing is a white vinyl and works well to keep the heat out of the house.  

Ramps are included.

Everything is completely assembled and structural members are fastened with galvanized, stainless steel and coated screws.  Built tough to be moveable.  

Requires at least two strong people to move or a tractor and rope.  To move it by hand a 2x4 is inserted into hardware on one end for lifting and pushing; comes standard on each unit.  

All features mentioned in this upper section come standard equipped.  Optional add-on features are listed below for those who want to save money or use the henhouse in their own routine. 


     Delivery is not included.  You may pick it up with your own flat bed trailer or we will deliver.  Price depends on distance from St. Augustine, FL 32086.



     The built-feeder allows for feeding chickens without taking additional space inside and can be filled from outside the house without the need to open the door. Feeding the chickens within the house is a good thing should you need to keep them in the house for any reason.  Plywood is added to feeding area for easier standing and conserving feed spillage.  The poop tray also catches spillage from falling to the ground.

ADD   $120


     The Mini Brooder is a partion that can be installed in the front 1/3 of the house.  The big hens can still have access to three nests and can get acquainted with the chicks until they are grown up enough to remove the partion.  The Mini Brooder easily folds up to get in an out and attaches with screws.  It has a window that can be closed retain heat or privacy.  Also comes with a shortened roost bar.

ADD  $60



Our synthetic, washable nests are soft and comfortable and keep eggs from being rolled around and broken.  These nest are a great alternative to hay if you have allergies and it is much easier to keep the house clean.  The outdoor carpet pads are included.  

ADD   $15 each


     The poop tray is designed to slide out for those in urban areas who do not move the house very often.  It makes for easy cleanup of poop to be used in compost.  High concentration of poop droppings under the coup can burn the grass making it difficult to grow grass.  The tray also adds an element of safety against predators that can get under the wire, harass and claw at the chickens feet as well as provide a safe and shading place for little chicks to hide from the sun and air attacks.  The tray has a vinyl covering for easy cleaning.  

ADD   $100


     Running boards for children to be able to collect eggs and tend to the hens.  They also provide a roost for chickens and and stay clean enough to provide a seat for people.  

ADD   $50


    2 additional bins can be double stacked on one side to allow for a total of 7 bins if desired for individualistic type hens.  Access to eggs is still possible from the same side.

ADD  $25 each installed  



     The Hen House comes fully assembles but painting is optional for those who would like to save money and paint it themselves.  We provide painting as an option and even a custom color you chose from Home Depot colors.  We put  two coats on the outside and edges of the plywood before assembly as seen in the photos.

ADD   $150